Texas Contractor Teaches Kids the Positives of Paving

2010texasCarlson’s commercial paver helps demonstrate the advantages of asphalt paving to the next generation.

School field trips tend to visit a predictable list of venues: county court house, local farm, museum. While these are great educational experiences, the staff at J&L Paving LLC in Paris, Texas showed a group of kids something totally different, and they liked it.

For the last two years J&L Paving has hosted a field trip for students and T.G. Givens Elementary to show them the “positives of paving.” This year the kids were joined by the kindergarten class from Trinity Christian Academy in Paris. To help with the additional class, another local contractor hopped on board. R.K. Hall Construction Ltd. provided asphalt mix, rock and sand samples for kids to see the “big trucks” do their thing, while Carlson Paving Products Inc. demonstrated a paver. The crew from J&L Paving took advantage of the children’s interest in equipment to educate them on paving products and road safety.

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