With Echelon Paving, GingerMan Raceway Gets the Green Flag

201510ACONCoverCarlson EZIV and EZV Front Mount Screeds Help Repave West Michigan Track (From Asphalt Contractor Oct 2015)

Located in the lakeshore town of South Haven, MI, GingerMan Raceway was established in 1995 by racing enthusiast Daniel Schnitta. Designed to feel like a state park, the racetrack rests on more than 300 acres of land that includes sprawling areas of a shaded wood, plenty of paddock space and a pond stocked with fish.

GingerMan Raceway is dedicated to the safety of the driver. The course layout was designed to minimize damage to both drivers and their vehicles and is considered among the safest tracks in the nation.

In January 2014, Schnitta contacted Superior Asphalt, headquartered in Grand Rapids, to evaluate the track. Originally paved in 1995, the track pavement was intact, but there were 1 1/2-inch cracks that had been filled with rubber crack seal.

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