CP85 Commercial Paver




Built like a highway-class paver. Made for the commercial-class contractor.

Combining proven design with increased torque and efficiency, the CP85 is the ideal platform from small to large-scale commercial paving projects. Utilizing heavy-duty, fully replaceable highway-class wear components, an intuitive, contractor focused platform and the renowned EZC815 electrically heated screed, the CP85 delivers big results in a small paver.

Featuring a powerful, high torque and quiet 74hp Tier IV Final engine (No DEF), the CP85 meets and exceeds the demands of contractors. The platform’s versatility, along with its low profile, enables the paver to be utilized in size restrictive areas, such as parking garages, while have the performance and contractor-focus for large scale parking lot or municipal road applications.


Power, Torque and Access: Delivered

Contractors demand versatility, reliability and power from their paver, and the CP85 delivers all three with its responsive 74hp CAT 3.4B Tier IV Final engine. Producing a leading 312 ft-lbs of torque at 1200 rpm, the CP85’s engine is partnered with the most heavy-duty undercarriage in its class and robust 2-speed planetary drives.

The layout of the CP85’s engine compartment leads the commercial-class in accessibility and serviceability. The one-piece forward tilting hood, largest side doors in its class and access panel in the hopper provide open and direct access to all of the paver’s engine, hydraulics, and electrical harnesses.

Built To A Higher Standard

From the ground up, the CP85 is built outperform and outlast any commercial paver in its class. Utilizing the heaviest duty one-piece frame in its class, the heaviest duty highway-class wear components in its class, and a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution with its robust and durable undercarriage, the CP85 delivers contractors leading return on investment while substantially reducing downtime and wear component replacement. And with its fully rebuildable design, contractors are able to maximize the platform’s service in their fleet for years to come.

Heavy Duty Material Feed

With its fully replaceable 450-Brinell rated floor plates, fully sealed highway class auger bearings, chains and slats 25% stronger than completive pavers and more, the material distribution system of the CP85 leads its class in performance, longevity and cost of operation. Ease of cleanup is aided by the platform’s hopper lift cylinders, attain the highest lift angles in its class, and the flip up front apron.

The CP85 also comes standard with Carlson’s class-exclusive horizontal sliding damper doors. A feature that keep obstructions such as utility boxes from damaging them while open, the horizontal sliding doors are infinitely adjustable for utilization during wide width paving, utility cut applications, or fully closed for transport across the jobsite.

Maximizing Operator Comfort

Ergonomic and intuitive, the CP85 features dual controls stations equipped with direct-connect cable steering levers, organized switch functions, E-stop and corded remotes. Able to pivot outwards by 30º and downwards 40º, the control stations are able to be adjusted to the comfort and visibility needs of the operator. Combined with its ability to easily convert to 2-man, 2-man with seats and 3-man configurations, no other commercial paver platform can match the visibility, comfort or ergonomics of the CP85.

A Carlson Front Mount Screed

The CP85 comes standard with the EZC815 electrically heated screed, with a standard paving width of 8’-15’ (2.44-4.57m). Built with many of Carlson’s industry leading highway-class features, the EZC815 comes standard with electric heat, full length element holddowns for efficient heat transfer, adjustable deck cone system for leveling, spring loaded endgates and the exclusive Carlson 2% screed taper. Along with its intuitive adjustment points and easy leveling, the platform achieves exceptional mat quality season after paving season.

The EZC815 is also available with a wide array of options and attachment that further the platform’s versatility and paving performance. From integrated 12” or 18” berm to heated endgates and bolt-on extensions, the EZC815 can be customized to your paving requirements and needs.

Customize To Fit Any Need

The CP85 is available with a wide array of options that enhance the performance and comfort of the platform. From integrated berm and power crown to tunnel kits and hydraulic truck hitch, the CP85 has over 31 individual options to choose from. All of Carlson’s paver options are able to be retrofitted at a later date, allowing contractors to customize their platform to suit the needs of their paving applications.


CP85 Dimensions

Total Weight 19,750 lb (8958g)
Load Angles 15° Forward/15° Reverse
Hopper Dump Clearance 27 in (686mm)
Conveyor Width 26 in (660mm)
Auger Diameter 12 in (305mm)
Auger Speed 110 rpm
Damper Doors Horizontally Sliding
Hopper Capacity 8.5 Tons (7.7 tonnes)
Fuel 30 gal (113.6L)
Hydraulic 45 gal (170.3L)
Cooling System 11 qts (10.4L)
Washdown Tank (Option) 10 gal (37.9L)
Electrical System 12v w/ 80am Alternator
Generator 14.4kW Belt Driven

CP85 Dimensions

Engine and Drive 74hp (55kW) CAT Tier IVF
Steering Direct Connect Cable Levers
Drive 2 Speed Planetaries
Track Type (Std.) 12 in (305mm) Poly-Pad
Max Pave Speed 100 fpm (30.5m/min)
Max Travel Speed 200 fpm (60.9m/min)
Max Reverse Speed 200 fpm (60.9m/min)
Standard Pave Width 8 ft – 15 ft (2.43m-4.59m)
Max Pave Width 17 ft (5.18m)
Paving Depth .25 in – 8 in (6mm-203mm)
Heat Source Electric Heat
Manual Crown 3 in Crown/1 in Invert (76mm/25mm)
Vibration 0-3000vpm
Endgates Spring Loaded