LED Blade Light






Never Compromise On Safety

Roadway work zones are dangerous, and during nighttime operations those hazards can be amplified. The Carlson LED Blade Light, the industry’s original LED directional lighting system for mobile equipment, combines high output, brilliant illumination with a low profile, directional platform to enhance worker, operator and motorist safety on nighttime projects. Eliminating glare, shadows and excessive heat, the LED Blade Light.


Exceptional Versatility

The LED Blade Light provides owners versatility that is unmatched by any other mobile equipment lighting system on the market. Able to be powered by 12/24vDC and 110/240vAC, 50/60Hz, the LED Blade Light can be mounted on rollers, mills, pavers, MTV’s, service trucks and more for safe, brilliant illumination. The system can also be utilized for flagging positions, field repair project or any situation where illumination is needed.

Rugged Dependability

Partnering high efficiency, long lasting LED’s with durable components, the LED Blade Light delivers to owners 50,000 hours of brilliant illumination while designed to IP65 specifications. This means that regardless of the weather or conditions, the LED Blade Light is ready to perform, providing safe working conditions in nighttime work zones. The system comes standard with a heavy-duty, locking carrying case for transport to and from the jobsite.

Comfort and Safety

While other lights produce excessive heat, distracting glare, and attract insects, the LED Blade Light eliminates these common problems through its cool-to-touch design, adjustable mounts to direct light to where it is needed. Even after hours of continuous use, the LED Blade Light platform remains cool, eliminating the threat of burns and allowing for quick dismantling and storage without the need of cool down times.


• AC Power: 110/240vAC, 50/60Hz
• DC Power: 12/24vDC
• Available Configurations: Single and Dual Head Set Up
• LED Lifespan: 50,000 hours of continuous use