Longitudinal Joint Density Attachments



Achieving Greater Joint Density For Longer Lasting Roadways

Poor density at the longitudinal joint can drastically reduce the lifespan of roadways and can even cause premature failure. Helping to maximize roadway lifecycle, Carlson introduces the 4 in High Density Bolt-on and Sideload Endgate Attachment. Available exclusively for Carlson front- and rear-mount screeds, Carlson’s Longitudinal Joint Density Attachments work in unison to produce higher density figures without the need of extra material, pie cutters or stepped joints.


Raising Density Figures

To achieve maximum density figures, the Carlson Longitudinal Joint Density Attachments extrude greater amounts of material into the longitudinal joint. This creates a more impervious joint while also allowing compaction to be placed on the joint, unlike with stepped joint attachments. The patented 4 in High Density Bolt-on creates up to four times angle of attack, mounting between the extension body and the endgate. Aiding in both edge containment and directing more material towards the 4 in High Density Bolt-on, the Sideload Endgate Attachment can be adjusted to give contractors up to four times edge compaction.

Intuitive Designs

Like all of Carlson’s highway-class screed attachments, the 4 in High Density Bolt-on and Sideload Endgate Attachment are constructed of heavy duty components and abrasion resistant steel. State-of-the-art heating elements, standard on both attachments, increase material extrusion and consistent performance. External adjustment points are easily accessible and remain clear of material build up for simple operation.