Carlson Announces The Release Of The EZR208

EZR208Carlson Announces The Release Of The EZR208 (at World of Asphalt)

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Carlson Paving Products, the industry’s leading manufacturer of asphalt paving screeds, announced the company’s newest platform: the EZR208. Unveiling the news at the 2018 World of Asphalt Show in Houston, TX, the 8-foot EZR2 completes the Tacoma-manufacturer’s lineup of rear-mount highway-class screeds available for all current North American paver models.

“The addition of the EZR208 to our line of highway-class screeds is a historic milestone for Carlson,” explained Chris Colwell, President of Carlson Paving Products, Inc. “The EZR210, released at World of Asphalt in San Antonio four years ago, has quickly established itself as the new rear-mount leader in the industry through its award-winning mat quality and exceptional wide width ability. With the introduction of the EZR208 platform, we are able to give the 8-foot rear-mount market the screed they have wanted.”

Featuring a standard paving width of 8’ to 15’6” and weighing 7,800 lbs., the EZR208 achieves superb mat quality and ride uniformity with its class-leading 20-inch deep, single piece screed plates. Providing more screeding surface area than competitive screeds, the EZR2’s screed plates not only achieve higher mat quality but also produce longer component lifecycle.

The EZR2’s screed plates are paired with state-of-the-art heating elements held in place by full length hold downs, providing even, efficient heat transfer to the upper surface of the plate. Like all Carlson screeds, the EZR2’s element hold downs all allow the ability to change out elements without the need to drop the plate.

Like its larger kin, the EZR208 is engineered with Carlson’s exclusive extension support system that provides unequalled strength even at 22-feet with bolt-ons. Whereas competitive models rely solely on the chrome rods for strength and support, the EZR208 features Carlson’s exclusive extension support system with a high strength tubular frame to which the chrome rods are firmly fixed to. This means the chrome rods only act for fluid inboard and outboard motion, while the high strength frame provides leading extension rigidity and elimination of flex at wide widths.

Carlson, long a leader in providing crews intuitive platforms for safer, more comfortable operation, continues to do so with its new 8-foot rear mount platform. Featuring deep telescoping walkways, the EZR208 creates a safer operating platform while the low profile extensions provide leading line of sight to the paver’s augers and head of material. Operator comfort is furthered by the standard equipped vibration absorption pads located at each operator station. Conveniently located cup holders, tool trays and legendary Carlson oven, available for most tractor builds, all come standard to make the EZR208 the leading 8-foot rear mount platform for comfort, performance, and safety.

The EZR208, like all Carlson screeds, is available through any North American dealer that carries a major highway-class paver line.

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CP130 Top Of The (New) Class

CP130CP130 Top Of The (New) Class (From APE Dec 2017)

Challenge the status quo. This idea has been at the heart of Carlson Paving Products since its founding – identifying new and better ways to pave is what they do. The core value of the Tacoma-based manufacturer is the reason Carlson has become the industry’s leading manufacturer of asphalt paving machinery for over three decades. And staying true to their creed, Carlson has done so again. The company recently released their newest commercial paver platform: the CP130. Forging a new category of paver while delivering leading performance, Carlson’s latest addition to its grown paver line embodies their philosophy of challenging the status quo.

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Carlson Announces Linder As New Florida Distributor

CP130Carlson Announces Linder As New Florida Distributor

TACOMA, WA – Carlson Paving Products, Inc. has announced Linder Industrial Machinery Company as the exclusive distributor of the CP-line of commercial pavers for the State of Florida, excluding the panhandle. Carlson’s full line of commercial platforms, parts and service will be offered through Linder’s seven branch locations throughout the state.

“We are proud to partner with Linder Industrial Machinery Company and are excited for the bright future this relationship paves the way for,” stated Chris Colwell, president of Carlson Paving Products, Inc. “Linder’s core focuses of customer service and commitment to the needs of contractors aligns closely with our philosophy and brand identity. As a leading road building equipment dealer with the deep knowledge of the industry, we are excited to partner with Linder in bringing the industry’s leading commercial paver platforms to contractors across the Sunshine State.”

Linder, founded in 1953, is Florida’s leading road building equipment dealer with seven locations throughout the state. Representing high quality brands including Komatsu, the Wirtgen Group, and Etnyre, Linder sets high standards to ensure the highest quality machinery is offered to the customer. The company has continued to be recognized for its customer-centric focus and leading support to the contractor throughout Florida and the southeast United States.

“After visiting the factory and observing the manufacturing process, it was clear to me that Carlson has a definite advantage over the competition,” commented John Coughlin, CEO of Linder. “Our customers will experience longer life as Carlson builds these units to last. The quality and safety culture I observed is very evident in the products they produce. The Carlson products line up perfectly in Linder’s offering to bring our customers the highest quality and most productive machines available” Coughlin mentioned.

Chris Wilkes, Linder’s Executive Vice President, echoed the optimism of Colwell and Coughlin, adding, “Linder has always strived to align themselves with manufactures that build the highest quality products offered in our industry.”

“After visiting with Carlson and seeing their pavers it was clear this was the perfect choice for Linder. The quality of engineering, attention to safety and people supporting the product that Carlson has in place gave me all the confidence that this paver is going to be well accepted by our customers. I am looking forward to representing this product in the Florida market.”

An industry leader in asphalt paving equipment for over three decades, Carlson’s commercial-class paver platforms have quickly become the contractor’s choice for longer lifecycle, greater operator focus and unmatched mat quality. Now offering a full line of four separate platforms, ranging from the high production, economical CP75 II to the class redefining CP130, Carlson’s commercial pavers are offered through a leading network of dealers across the United States and Canada.

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Carlson Launches the All-New CP100 II Asphalt Paver

CP100 IICarlson Launches the All-New CP100 II Asphalt Paver

TACOMA, WASHINGTON- Carlson Paving Products has introduced the CP100 II, the next generation of the commercial-class’ leading heavy-duty platform. The new platform takes the baton from the CP100 as the company’s flagship model, being first unveiled to contractors during CONEXPO/CONAGG in Las Vegas, Nevada in March 2017.

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Buffalo Airport Gets a Lift

Vol 22 Issue 2Buffalo Airport Gets a Lift (From Mix Equipment Oct 2017)

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport for the City of Buffalo, NY is not getting just a lift, but actually many lifts of new asphalt on parts of Runway 14-32, other than a new surface course for the entire 5,412 foot by 150-foot runway. More than 48,800 tons of P-401 surface-course with polymer modified asphalt binder, P-401 course standard grade asphalt binder, and P-403 Bituminous leveling course asphalt would be required for the 120-day contract to improve and rehabilitate the second runway. Taxiways and new drainage will also be improved.

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Mission-Driven Growth

Vol 22 Issue 1Mission-Driven Growth (From Mix Equipment Feb 2017)

At the heart of nearly any company lie its core values. These simple principles are a guiding force for businesses, helping to create unique corporate identities. Sometimes the core values of companies can even drive growth and success. One contractor in northern Illinois, Bel Rock Paving and Sealcoating Specialists, has done just that. By translating their core values and mission into their business strategy and services, Bel Rock has quickly become a leading name in pavement maintenance in the region.

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Northern Lights

Vol 21 Issue 2Northern Lights (From Mix Equipment Oct 2016)

As the daylight slowly fades amongst the rolling mountains and tall pines of the Idaho panhandle, the crew of Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc. sets in for the long night ahead. A veteran crew, they set to work installing the automation systems and skis, preheating their Carlson EZIV and rigging the lights for the night’s job. For them it’s just another day at the office, but tonight they have a new tool in their night paving arsenal: LED Blade Lights.

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All In A Day’s Job

Vol 21 Issue 1All In A Day’s Job (From Mix Equipment Feb 2016)

It’s another early morning gearing up for the day’s job for M.R. Tanner Construction’s pavement maintenance crew. After prepping the jobsite, marking their lines, calibrating the grade control system, and heating the screed, the first trucks begin to roll onto the jobsite even before the sun comes up. With efficiency, precision and care, the crew sets to work laying 325 tons (294 tonnes) of material for a full parking lot replacement, giving the Southwestern Eye Care Center in Mesa, Arizona, a new look.

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Celebrating A Golden Anniversary

2015novAPECoverFinley Asphalt & Sealing Rings In 50 Years With Pair Of Special Silver Pavers (From APE Nov 2015)

The traditional 50th anniversary present is gold. But why stick to something so basic when celebrating such a momentous milestone? Finley Asphalt & Sealing, Inc., of D.C. and Virginia, decided to go for something a little ashier. The family-owned business rang in its 50th anniversary earlier this year with two shiny, sparkling and brand new Carlson Paving Products CP100 Pavers…custom painted silver.

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With Echelon Paving, GingerMan Raceway Gets the Green Flag

201510ACONCoverCarlson EZIV and EZV Front Mount Screeds Help Repave West Michigan Track (From Asphalt Contractor Oct 2015)

Located in the lakeshore town of South Haven, MI, GingerMan Raceway was established in 1995 by racing enthusiast Daniel Schnitta. Designed to feel like a state park, the racetrack rests on more than 300 acres of land that includes sprawling areas of a shaded wood, plenty of paddock space and a pond stocked with fish.

GingerMan Raceway is dedicated to the safety of the driver. The course layout was designed to minimize damage to both drivers and their vehicles and is considered among the safest tracks in the nation.

In January 2014, Schnitta contacted Superior Asphalt, headquartered in Grand Rapids, to evaluate the track. Originally paved in 1995, the track pavement was intact, but there were 1 1/2-inch cracks that had been filled with rubber crack seal.

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